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Risk from a hangnail


I've actually posted 2 questions earlier in this forum one in the paid/experts forum. Like I've mentioned before, due to my past no-risk activity, I've developed anxieties and OCD. I've also taken Dr. H Hunter Handsfield's advice in seeking psychiatric help.

Well, after he took the drastic measure of deleting my paid post, I've heeded his advice to seek psychiatric help. I'm now in the third month of therapy and am taking Zoloft. Part of my mind has been telling me that I should face my anxiety about massage and handjob activity (which has caused my anxiety of whether I have HIV) by going for a massage again.

I've mentioned this thought to my psychiatrist (going for massage and I did not mention the handjob) and he said that since it is a no-risk activity, he said that I can give it a try and in a way a massage would also relax me.

After thinking long and hard about this, I've just went for a massage and and I even went further by accepting the masseur's offer to conduct a manhood therapy on me (which, to me it's no different from a handjob). She also massaged my face where I have 1-2 pimples with dried blood/ scab but I do not know if it start bleeding when she massaged my face. Finally, she massaged my finger and and pressed my fingernail area with her hand. I can't be too sure but I don't think her hand is bleeding as I did not notice any blood on me after the massage.

Before I went for the massage, I've felt some pain on my finger. After the massage, I went home and cut my finger nail where the pain is and went to take a shower. During the shower, I've felt some sharp pain on my finger. After I took my shower, I've realized that I have a hangnail and I think it's only bleeding (small amount and only saw blood after I applied pressure and pressed it with tissue paper) after the shower. During the massage, the exposed/bleeding area is covered by my fingernail.

My questions are:
1) As per my earlier anxiety causing problem, based on your kind answers for my earlier post, I can safely say that there is no risk of HIV infection from receiving a handjob and massage. Hand-Genital Contact is a no risk activity and as long as there is no unprotected penis (no condom) penetrating an anus or vagina (sexual intercourse), there is basically no risk in term of sexual activity.
2) But I'm just a little bit concerned about the face massage with the pimple and scab as her hand has touched my pimple and I do not know if it has caused it to bleed?
3) And is there any risk from the hangnail on my finger for I did touch her body and breast and she did massage my finger and fingernail area where the hangnail is.

Thanks for reading my question and assessing my risk. If possible, can you please answer question 2 and 3 separately?
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NO RISK. Now move along.
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Seek professional help for your OCD. You do not have an HIV concern.
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Hi Teak,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I'm currently seeking professional help for the OCD and also on Zoloft medication. This current scenario was part of facing the root of the fear but the scab/pimple and hangnail was something I did not think of when I went for the massage with manhood therapy. And I am just kinda seeking some assessment on question 2 and 3 instead of the earlier massage / handjob case.

As there were blood and hand/body contact involved from the pimple/scab and hangnail. I would just like an answer regarding that instead of the massage and handjob. Thanks and sorry. I won't be and and won't want to be a nuisance.
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Thanks man. That did put my mind at ease. Have a nice day.
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