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Risk of HIV and Syphilis

The risk of getting hiv and syphilis
I'm from Japan and when I went to Thailand and met a sexworker and made a mutual jobhand.

My finger touched her labia and felt her labia wet, but I didn't think I got her fluid. Then my fingers touched my glans penis 3minutes later.
N other sexual action but i was not sure whether my glans penis hurt or not.

Could I get a chance of getting hiv or other STD?

Thank you for your kindness and help

HIV is popular in Thailand and the sexworker' right arm has large black bruise (I think she has HIV and is dragaddict )
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HIV isn't a worm that digs into your finger and can't infect outside the body like a cold virus can otherwise all of America would be infected. . HIV is instantly inactivated in air so it doesn't matter if the other person is infected or which country either of you are from.
Only sex risks are unprotected penetrating anal or vaginal which you didn't have. You had zero risk.
HIV is strange in most Japanese and discriminated in eastern country. It's hard for me to ask help in Japan.
So that I wanted to learn about comment from experts in U.S.

I really appreciate your excellent explanation.

And could I ask you another question?
Is syphilis risk possible?

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