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Risk of HIV from Genital Rubbing

On January 11th, guy rubbed his penis on my vagina (the pink part, between the labia) no penetration, but there was a lot of vaginal fluids, and maybe pre-cum. Started feeling sick on the night of January 26th ( chills, no fever, headache that lasted for almost a week) and today is February 3rd and I still feel sick, (feels like sinus a lot of sinus pressure, but have some body aches everywhere almost feels like needles or pins, fatigue, and high blood pressure, I am diabetic type 2 by the way and iron-deficiency anemic, but no fever) doctor just put me on antibiotics. Could I possibly have HIV, I could have made myself sick from being worried so much, hence high blood pressure, or from the weather change. Also I got my first covid vaccine on the 14th of January, on the 20th started having vaccine symptoms like swollen lymph node under the armpit of the arm where I got the shot, and on the 22nd arm was swollen, I’m supposed to get my second shot soon though. Got a covid test and that came back negative. If I don’t feel better after the antibiotics, my mom is going to make another doctor’s appointment to do lab work. She’s a nurse, and told me not to worry, that I don’t have it because, I never got penetrated. What do you think?
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No penetration = no risk.

I hope you get to the bottom of your health issues!
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Thank you so much, I’m trying not worry, but it’s kind of hard, because I’ve had a really tough year and have had to see a therapist, I think I just shouldn’t get involved with guys for a while, because I don’t think I’m prepared for that again.
That seems like a long delay for a shot reaction and most people who post here with NO risk think their lymph is swollen (but for them it is just irritated because they are poking it a lot trying to probe) so make sure your nurse mom thinks it really is a problem - because if it isn't she might be able to take one worry off your mind.
There is no reason to give up guys after a non-event like you had, but controlling anxiety is different for everyone. Probably it is a good idea to continue to see the therapist to try to get back to a normal life.
I hope you can continue with your therapist.  There is NOTHING wrong with seeking help when you need it, and pulling yourself away from romantic relationships while you get yourself into a better place mentally and emotionally.   I hope life gets better for you.
Thank you so much, your words mean a lot, it’s nice to having a second opinion, I went on sights and everything and the answer was never clear wether or not you can get it the way I explained. Thank you.
I think I was spotting a little bit, but still no penetration= no risk, also 6 weeks after that encounter I took an Ora quick test just for my piece of mind, should I believe the results?
Of course your test was negative.  It will always be negative, since you were never exposed to HIV.
Makes sense, the sexual encounter happened the day after my period, so I was spotting a little blood, so I got worried that, that can be a risk factor even if there was no penetration, So that’s why I took the Oraquick HIV test, and wondered if it was conclusive 6 weeks after a “possible” exposure. Thanks again
That you were spotting is not a risk factor.
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