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Risk of HIV from condom slipping halfway during withdrawal

Hello community. I’m a female who was recently intimate with a man I’ve been dealing with for a few months. We always wear condoms, and try to be careful as to not have any slip ups. I was in a riding position, up until he ejaculated. I didn’t get up right away, but before I did I asked him to hold the rim of the condom so that it would not get stuck inside of me. When he reached underneath me to grab it, I noticed that he was soft, and the condom was halfway on his shaft but not to the point where he had to reach inside of my vagina to get it. When I got up I noticed that my outer vagina, thigh and lower leg had fluid on them. I’m not sure if it was from myself or him. I’ve been very anxious for the past few days. Did I place myself or him at risk for HIV? The feedback is much appreciated.
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Only the head needs protection to prevent hiv.  You can't get hiv when you use a condom that doesn't fall off so you are safe, no matter what circumstance you can think of.
hiv virus is effectively dead in air anyway so it doesn't matter if his fluids are on your leg,. If it was so loose that fluid slipped out when you had intercourse it would have fallen off. You are safe from hiv so a test would be a waste of time.
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I felt fluid on my outer vulva as well. Is there a chance his semen could’ve dripped out of the condom after ejaculation while still penetrated? I couldn’t tell if it was from myself or him.
That's not how HIV is transmitted.  The head of his penis would need to be inside your vagina, uncovered, while you were  having intercourse.
Thank you.
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