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Risk of HIV from protected oral sex and body being licked

This is my only sexual act in 3 years. Last Wednesday I had a protected oral sex with a CSW and my nipples were sucked by her and then a day later, feel that I have some nipple sore. Then I have some tingling sensation in my pubic hair area. Yesterday, I started have some tingling throat.

Am I at risk? Also, when should I get tested if I want a peace of mind.
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Not a risk for hiv at all.
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This is not a risk because air and saliva inactivate the virus.  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.  
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Thank both of you for the answer, it helps a lot when hearing it from others. Now I will just hope that my 4 week test says the same.
Your test will be a waste of time. You should move on from this hiv fear that only you think can become disease reality. You might as well test to see if she made you pregnant.
You should see a therapist instead so you can get quick relief from this irrational fear of a disease you can't have, otherwise it is a lot of mental anguish for nothing. Especially if you also end up doubting the science behind the test the way you doubt the science that you can't have a risk from oral.
Not that I am doubting the test but it is an anguish window period that I can do nothing to confirm it while showing some symptoms. I will probably feel better if I got my 28 day p24 negative.
You should rather invest in to therapy since you fear is unreasonable, the thought that you could aquire HIV from oral sex is irrational. I am going to tell you what every one else has already told you - You didn't have a risk, you don't need to test.
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