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I had anal intercourse  with transexual sex worker in Feb this year. I was the insertive partner and used condom. However, during the sex condom teared, trans felt it and put the new condom back again. It was in the beginning so there was no precum and I couldn’t see any other abnormality as well. Three - four days later I developed a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms disappeared in two days and life returned to normal. I also didn’t get tested as well. 6 weeks later I had a blood count test was done and every parameter was normal. Recently another blood count test was done in which my platelets and lymphocytes level have reduced and come close to border line lower acceptable values. Since these results I am afraid that may be I may be infected with HIV. Unfortunately, I am an expat in a foreign country and an HIV test with positive test can create a lot of complications. So I plan to do this test when I visit my home country in one month time. Meanwhile, based on the above I wanted to check what is the risk level of HIV in a single encounter as described above. Thanks
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trans wouldn't have bought it if positive
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You will have to wait for the hiv test in one month. There is no purpose in trying to calculate biology stats since if the other person is negative you had zero risk - so that is what I would focus on while waiting. Did they supply the condom, and if so they are likely negative anyway.
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Yes, trans provided the condom and was very careful to ensure it’s put on before sex
I wouldn't worry at all while waiting because the condom cost money so wouldn't have bought it is positive since it is intended by trans to protect trans. That's my guess about psychology and in this case is likely worth a lot more than guesses about biology stats.
However, I would certainly test to make sure, and so you can explain to any future partner that you have a negative.
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