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Risk of breast milk to adults

Hi! Good Day! I am an 40 year old man and i want to be educated and to be clear about adult ingesting breast milk through sucking a lactating breasts of a possible HIV positive woman. Does it have a possible transmission or zero risk scenario?

Few weeks ago i went to a massage parlour due to stress and fatigue. The lady offered a hand job and nipple nosh. I sucked / licked her breasts for a few minutes and not sure if she was lactating but i think i felt something. My anxiety and ocd kicked in and having restlessness and sleepless night about it . Hope this may end my anxiety and endless internet search.
My questions are;

1. Is this really a zero risk scenario considering lactation
2. Is testing warranted
3. Is it safe to say  that i can continue my sexual relations with my significant other

Thank you
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This is not a risk for HIV. Here is how HIV is transmitted in adults. By having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. You will not get HIV from breast milk. Air and saliva inactivate the virus.
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Thank you GuitarRox ! Appreciate your answer . So testing is not needed and I'm safe to continue unprotected sex with my significant other ?
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Breast milk is only a risk for newborns, who do not have adequately developed immune systems. No adult has ever contracted HIV from breast milk.
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Thank you CurfewX! Appreciate it! This eased my anxiety . So no need to test I'm safe to continue unprotected sex with significant other ?
You don't have HIV since you were never at risk for HIV.
Thanks again. Il try to put this behind me and stop ruminating on this event
Thank you very much , you are such a great help.  So to end and to be  clear  the only real  Adult (  like me ) risk for a  transmission  are;
1. Unprotected penetrating anal sex
2. Unprotected penetrating  vaginal sex and
3. Sharing  of IV / needles used for drugs .

Nothing more from our wildest imagination we can add to these three to make this scenario a risk to an adult like me including Cuts, bleeding , milk , sores etc .
hiv prevention is straightforward. It is time to move on.
Thank you AnxiousNoMore ! So my statement is accurately correct and I am safe from any transmission ? Il move on . Thank you
no more questions strato31. You don't need to keep asking for reassurance as we already answered you in the thread. Take are.
Thank You GuitarRox ! So NOTHING and NO SCENARIO   will make consuming  breast MILK a RISK for HIV ? Cuts , sores , broken tooth , viral load etc ?
I really don't know what to think about the fact that you are still asking. We told you what the risks were and this is not a risk. This is my last comment to you.
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Was there a penis in your anus during the sucking? No, so move on and probably also see a mental health therapist.
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I'm very sorry GuitarRox and AnxiousNoMore , my anxiety and ocd is getting the best of me. Try my best to stop reassuring ( hope it helps ) . Il try to just reread your comments if I became anxious again .

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