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Risk of exposure

I am currently pregnant, married, and in a 100% monogamous heterosexual relationship, and as of my most recent HIV test in October 2007, my HIV status is negative.  During my pregnancy, I had a 1 hour test for gestational diabetes which I failed.  At work, a co-worker (mid 50's heterosexual married male with diabetes) allowed me to use his glucose test kit so I could examine my blood sugar levels.  I cleaned my fingers with alcohol before he used his lancet to stick my finger, and obviously drew a tiny drop of blood.  I am sure it is my pregnant hormones working overtime, but is there a possibility that (assuming this individual is HIV positive, which I believe to be unlikely) I could have contracted the virus if he did not switch the lancet to a fresh one before he stuck my finger to test my blood sugar?  He has the type of kit where the lancet is able to be re-used for finger-sticking purposes.  This incident occurred 2 weeks ago - should I go for a rapid test, and will it be accurate?  Did swabbing my fingers with alcohol before he stuck me kill the virus?
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you dont think he thought about you having something  
MOVE ON with this nonsense question
3 months post exposure is conclusive
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I appreciate the "slap across the face" so to speak.  Like I said, I know it is my pregnant mind working overtime, and I appreciate the harsh answer.
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Sorry i dont hit women i was just saying think logical here.You are not the only one who thinks like this trust me.But with that being said i bet next time youll think twice about it. I am sure he was safe and wouldnt want to bring more worries to a PREGNANT woman.
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you can always ask him in private and tell him your concern it may make you look foolish but hey we all do stupid things, but even if he was positive, the dried blood on the lancet is exposed to the air , its not like a hollow bore needle. air quickly renders the virus incapable of infection
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Ditto nonbeliever.  The air would of killed the virus quite quickly... It sounds like your risk is almost 0.  I don't even think there's a need to get tested but to answer your other question...A test at 2 weeks wouldn't be conclusive, but if you took a DUO test which tests for antigens and antibodies it would be highly favorable if it came out negative.  If testing only for antibodies wait 4-6 weeks.  Plenty of people will argue with me here and say 12 weeks I'm sure.  Sift through the Dr's forums here, and you'll find plenty of info on the chances of testing positive if you have HIV after 4 weeks / 6 weeks etc...

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