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Risk of hetrosexual HIV infection?

I was wondering if anyone could help me, I am a 23 year old female and about a month ago I had a brief one off encounter with a male. Although I already knew him through friends I was not aware of his sexual/HIV status. We had oral and Unprotected intercorse but we stoppped half way through, he did not ejaculate. About 2 days after I had a really sore throat my doctor gave me augmentin antibiotics to take, could that of possibily been an early
sign of HIV infection? Since then I haven't had any obvious symptoms but recently I have noticed a few small white spots at the back of my tongue, This has all occured within a month of the possible exposure could this also be connected to an HIV infection? I have only had one sexual parter before him and that was a long term relationship but I have never been tested for any STD/HIV. I feel so ashamed and embarrased about this and I know it was such a big mistake, something I will not ever let happen again. I was wondering how high my risks are for contracting HIV? I'm worrying myself silly..someone please help!
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did he have hiv?
go body check but your probably okay
did u have vagina secretion?
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You can test 3 months post exposure and your test will be conclusive.
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I'm not sure if he was infected or not. I did ask him about wether or not he knows his sexual status but he took it as an offence and haven't hurd drom him since :/ thank you for your response.
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It seems alot of people are asking about statistics. Dunno how helpful they really are, but according to the Oxford handbook of Genitourinary medicine, HIV, and AIDS, the odds are as follows following a single exposure:

Anal receptive: .1-3%
anal insertive: .06%
vaginal receptive: .1-.2%
vag. insertive: .03-.09%
receptive fellatio: estimated around .04%
cunnilingus and insertive fellatio: no data, but estimated half the receptive fellatio rate.

A study which is soon to be published in the Lancet, a respectable medical journal, says that these estimates are only applicable for stable serodiscordant couples, with no concurrent std's or genital lesions and a low viral load in affected partner, and other factors. Here is the paper, I found it much more plausible than the above estimates:

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