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Risk of potential exposure to HIV semen

Dear Doctor or everyone,

2 days ago, in South Korea, I went to a gay bar and potentially got contacted with HIV semen from a korean guy there with my role of receptive partner.

In fact, I (and him) had no "real intercorse" except only his one insert with condom but later I asked him stop due to my feeling hurt. The thing made me worried until now is that he did condomless frottage (put his bare penis into my tighted thigh) until he ejaculated, outside.

Just in case that I may have some little wound on or nearby my butt hole from a hurt feeling and contacted his semen - he might smear my butt hole with his own semen.
Is it really risky or exposed to HIV transmission?

Anyway, I went to anonymous clinic and asked for PEP treatment for 28 days already - first medicine taken at 46 hours post exposure.

Thank you doctor or everyone for any response.
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Hopefully you didn't start taking PEP.  It was not needed in your exposure and that is a very difficult drug to take.  It can make you feel terrible from the side effects.  And since you had no risk from your exposure, it was completely unnecessary.

I understand that sometimes our mind can go a little crazy with what if scenarios and maybe some regret about getting caught up in the moment sexually but we have to remain logical.  HIV is not transmitted by condomless frottage. Touching doesn't transmit HIV.  Even with a cut in the area. The reason is that air inactivates the virus.  Transmission only takes place inside a person and this is why the only way that people get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  As long as the head of your penis was covered during intercourse, then you were protected.  

Hopefully that answers your question.
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Thanks @GuitarRox for the help and your comment makes me feel more peaceful.
Actually, I already took first time tablets (Teno-Em & Edurant) with little side effect, fortunately, at hour 46th.

Anyway, should I continue to complete the dose and get tested again or stop immediately.
Personally I wouldn't take it.  There is no reason and the side effects of PEP can become terrible.  Do you have a regular doctor you can consult with?  I don't want to give medical advice but I would not continue with PEP under your circumstances.
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