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Risk or not

An escort in my country and  We kissed a little and put on a condom and she gave me a blow job with a condom on my penis.
Now after about a minute or two I had intercourse with her and came in about 2-3 minutes.I didn’t change the condom hence the condom she gave me oral I didn’t change n just inserted in her vagina.
As far as I know I pulled out and checked the condom with water and I couldn’t see any visible leakage from the condom. Could I miss any leaks or tears in the condom?some websites say that we may miss microscopic tears in condoms at times hence I am little worried now
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Micro tears are a myth. You can read anything on the internet. If a condom fails it rips down the seam and makes a large tear so water tests are a waste of time. It is time to move on from hiv worry. Stop making duplicate threads about the same encounter.
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She kisses every guy in town, so gets every disease going around (like strep throat, COvid etc.)  so is the last person I would ever kiss.
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