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Got a manicure amd bled while cuticles were being cut. Average place. Not sure if tools were sanitized. Does this pose a risk due to the blood?
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No it did not pose a risk.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to child
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Thanks for quick reply teak. Yes, but of someone else were cut a few minutes prior wouldn't that be blood to blood contact?
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HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
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How long does it take for the blood to be non-infectious? Thank you for your wealth of knowledge
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As soon as it is exposed to air.
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Instantaneously? Okay then manicures and haircuts will never be a HIV risk, is that correct? My friend who is a doctor said that there's a slight risk and HIV remains active for two minutes. She must have the wrong information
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Does all HIV virus become inactive or is it only when it's a small amount of blood such as that of A manicure that it becomes inactive when exposed to air?
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NO one has ever been infected with HIV from cuts at a barber shop, nail shop, etc.  It is not a risk for HIV, even with small cuts, scrapes, etc.
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Thank you nurse girl and teak for the medical information. The last thing I want to ask is why is it all over the Internet that you can get HIV from a manicure? Amd is the only blood to blood contact possible of getting HIV is of 1. There's a HUGE amount of blood amd 2. You are an IV Drug user? I'm not very educated on this topic amd apparently the doctors are not either aka my friend who told me it was an exposure
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There is a tom of misinformation on the internet, and a LOT of people (including doctors) are not properly educated about what is a REAL risk.  This is not a risk.
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Thank you for easing my mind. So in summary no need to get a HIV test to be safe?
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NO risk=NO test
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