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Risky Behaviour

I have recently had protected sex with 2 different women. They are not sex workers (from what I can tell), but very promiscuous and not very knowledgeable about STI's and safe sex. I recently discovered what i think is a chancre lesion on the underside of my foreskin. I am very concerned this is STI/HIV related - in particular Syphilis. There was never any unprotected penetration but perhaps some light genital to genital contact before protection as well as unprotected oral.

I was just reading about Syphilis and HIV co-infection and definitely very worried at the moment. All activity was within the last 30 - 40 days. Any help/advice is appreciated.

Thank you
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When it comes to sexual transmission of HIV, the risks are easy to identify.  No unprotected penetration = no risk for HIV.  If you want to ask about syphilis, you can do that in the STDs forum: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
But having syphilis does not turn a zero risk event into a risk event for HIV.  

You had no risk for HIV and you do not need to test for HIV.
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