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Risky intercourse with SW of unknown status

Hello Medhelp,

Yesterday I had intercourse with a SW of unknown status. I had protected vaginal sex and french kissing which was about 20 to 30 minutes in duration. I had changed the condom once halfway during the intercourse. For most of the time I had insertive vaginal sex from the back where she was in the leaning forward position and for a brief part of it, in the missionary position. I completed with ejaculation with my penis in her vagina (from the back) and after the act I had checked the condom, it was not broken.

But she told me that she ejaculated twice during the intercourse. Also, there was close contact and rubbing between our genital region. I had also seen her genital and vaginal area before the act and had seen no irregular skin or any kind of obvious scabs around that area. There was also deep french kissing for some time in between.

I had used protection for the entire act but I am really worried over many things here. Since she ejaculated, there might be risks with her vaginal fluids being rubbed around the penis area. I am really worried over HSV as it spreads when a person is asymptomatic. Also worried about HIV as there was some ejaculation fluid involved. The intercourse was long in duration and that too increases the risk I suppose. The woman seemed to be in her mid 40s so could there be a higher chance of her having an std?

I am not shaved in the genital region. Does that provide any protection against shaved or bare skin. She was entirely shaved in the genitals, so would that increase the risk of transmission? After the intercourse I had checked both the condoms they did not appear broken.

I was involved in intercourse with the same woman about 2 months back and I had taken an HIV test about 5 weeks after the act and the result was negative. I will get tested in about a month or so this time again. But until then what are my risks?

I am really regretful of my actions today and don't want to be in a risky situation ever again. Please advice me on how to assess the act and the risk involved. It's really worrying.

Thank You community.
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For the intercourse I had 2 months back, it was protected vaginal sex.
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Age does not put someone at higher risk for HIV. Protected intercourse, anal or vaginal are NOT risks for HIV. Female ejaculation is usually urine.  But regardless, none of that matters. If you used a condom, you did not get HIV. The only risks for HIV are having unprotected vaginal or anal sex (you used a condom) or injecting drugs with shared IV needles (which you didn't do). Everything else listed in your long post is NO risk.
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