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I am reposting this question in the hope that I will have a few more responses. Also, does it matter how much blood was present? It was dark and I am unsure about how much there was...

I am really worried and I am hoping that someone can give me some advice. In the middle of December I kissed a random male for a period of time. He had really chapped lips and I am positive that I tasted blood. Moreover, I had a cut/crack on the inside of my upper lip. I do not think that it was bleeding at the time, but it may have been open.
It is now the end of January and I have been feeling sick for about two weeks. I have a cold with a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and I am really exhausted. How risky was my encounter, seeing as there was blood involved? Also, how long do the first symptoms of HIV last for? Lastly, how long after my encounter would a HIV test be accurate? This whole situation is completely consuming me, so any advice would be great. Thank you in advance!
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Thank you for your help. I am just really worried about this encounter...
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Worried5, didn't they tell you, you didn't have a risks. Spend $15 dollars and post to the doctor He/She will tell you the same NO RISKS.Peace.
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Does that mean that I had a risky exposure?
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At 6 weeks, even the standard tests for Ab would pick up 90% of cases. At 3 months, it's like 99%+ and that's why it is used as the general guideline. You could test now and get a pretty good indication.

Try searching the threads on the HIV prevention forum. I think you'll find that kissing is considered zero risk, with an increase in "theoretical" risk because you could taste blood.

For Dr HHH's advice, post on that forum.
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When I say increase in "theoretical" risk, I mean I'm not even sure whether there has been any documented cases of HIV transmission from kissing with chapped lips and being able to taste blood.

For a table on HIV transmission risks, have at this website


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