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Rubbing Genitals naked and directly puts one at risk of STDs/ HIV?

Hi Doc

I am a male of 35 years of age.

A recent encounter of “Happy Ending” massage turned into a nightmare for me.
Yesterday i went to a local massage parlour in India. The masseuse asked for body to body and I agreed. Then she went naked and was seated on my Penis while I was lying on my back. First she applied some massage oil on my Genitals and then She rubbed her naked Vagina on my Penis and I am sure the tip of my penis and foreskin (I am uncircumcised) touched her Vagina and some of her Vaginal secretions must have touched the tip of my urethra and foreskin.This lasted for a about 2 minutes. Then she rigorously rubbed her Vagina on my Penis and Scortum for about 3-4 minutes (By the way i shaved my Scortum that day about 6 hours before this incidence and must have had some micro cut from it on scortum skin). Thereafter she gave me a handjob and I cleaned myself after ejaculation.
There was no penetration for sure.

Now while assuming she had all the STDs including HIV (I know i sound like a fool, but can’t help my anxiety), my specific questions are:

1. Am I at risk of any STD including HIV from this incidence? ( please ***** the fact that there were some of her vaginal secretions on my urethra and foreskin)

2. Can there be a chance of me contracting HIV or other STD while she rigorously rubbed her Vagina directly to my Scortum ?(please assess the fact that i very had a micro cut on scortum skin 6 hours before the activity)

3. Has there been any reported case of HIV acquired from act of frottage only?

4. How long should it take for symptoms (if any) of a STD to show after this incidence?

5. Should I engage in sexual activity with my girlfriend after this?
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1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
4. Not applicable since you had no risk
5. Yes.
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Thanks a ton Mike!
My responses were specific to HIV concern. For other STIs please post in the relevant forum.
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