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I had unprotected sex about 5 months ago.I now see pimple-like , scaly and itchy rash on my skin. It makes my body dry and itch small occasionally. I don't see any other signs. I'm also on biotin supplements for hair growth. I'm scared if I could be HIV positive. Plz help!
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Since you said that you have rash ( I’m sure that you misdiagnosed the rash , because I don’t think that’s rash) and the most important fact is that the ARS never show up 5 month post exposure , they occurs in 2-4 post exposure and the symptoms never show up isolated. I’m not saying you don’t have hiv , you must get tested and stop diagnosing symptoms , any HIV test now will be conclusive .
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Thanks Gergem. My rash looks like heat waves and it is all over with mild itching from here and there. Even as I prepare for a test, on a scale of 1 to 10 , what is my likelihood of being HIV + ?
Reread what GuitarRox and AnxiousNoMore said , a one time unprotected sex exposure has about 1 percent chance of transmitting hiv and you most likely don’t have HIV from that one episode. The rash after 5 months has nothing to do with hiv und you should GET TESTED .
Thanks a lot. Very helpful
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A one time unprotected sex exposure has about a 1% chance of transmitting hiv.  It's very very low.  And I would not suspect  pimples on your chest to be HIV.  You most likely do not have HIV from that one episode.  Biotin has to be taken in huge quantities to in very large quantities well above the normal dose which I'm sure you don't take.  Symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV.  Only a test and at 5 months, you can do that and rule out HIV once and for all. So, test to do that but expect a negative.
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Thanks for your comment. The biotin I take is 10,000 mcg daily. The rash looks like heat rash or miliaria. I feel hot now. I'm sure the best way is to have a test but what are the typical HIV rashes are? How do they typically appear? Thanks
A test is not the best way, it is the only way. Trying to diagnose from symptoms is just guessing which is valueless. Besides, some people with HIV are asymptomatic.

Was your exposure oral, anal or vaginal?
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