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i recieved brief oral sex which was unprotected of hiv positive who has told me in the past hour via facebook. it lasted for 20 seconds but i also think ive got another std of her as i have a sensation in uethra and need to urinate frequently also got lower back pain its 48 hours since incident now should i seek pep in the morning or what or is it no risk now this is really petrifying to me. i dont know ive seen so much advice but im also scared of taking pep as i read it can be fatal in cases its that toxic and could have costly effects on the rest of my life and i dont wont to take if im not at risk the woman also stated she has a fairly high viral load as she is a new hiv patient and hasnt started her treatment
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lizzie 1 last ? then and ill leave the forum be. if she has gave me a bacterial infection lioke ngu, would hiv coincide with this i,e piggy back on that virus or what or would increase chance of me being exposed to hiv just one thing i need to clarify
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