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very anxious very worried very scared and highly streesed, for the past few weeks im over 14 weeks past exposure and waiting to take test i couldnt get an appointment untill the new year and im scared of the out come, i have came down with a bad case of flu symptoms at the end of october, also had a cold for the past week to 10 days its just nmainly nasal congestion and may be du to the freezing weather we had and snow causing rhinitis. ive looked through the forums and see the general consensus that majority of ars symptoms occur at 2 weeks but dr cummings states it come up to 6 weeks but alot of the internet sights says the window period of ars is 13 weeks but usuall occur by 4 weeks as this is whenthe body has seroconverted, usuallyu 95% will test positive at this time an and 99% by 6 weeks  so i think ive sero converted, my test will be at nearly 17 weeks but ive read horror stories about tests missing infections and people being rapid convertors and having aids diagnosis within 4/5 months of infection, m wondering would it be worth goin to the dr tomorrow for a test even though it will go on my medical record advice would be appreciated
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What was your exposure?
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i steped on a syringe it scraped my toe when i was walking my dog (had sandals on) ive read its high risk
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You didn't have a risk.   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2529409/
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teak it doesnt state no risk does it (i only quickly glanced) hiv is very low wher  i live in  the united kingdom in a area that has one of the lowest hiv rate in the country i think thers 1500 hiv infection and the general population is 2.5 million according to wikipediaim really anxious over this do i neede testing for other blood pathogens that they mentioned hep C, B etc.
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Not an HIV concern. Post your hep questions in the Hepatitis Forum.
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okay one more question teak i have an appoinment booked for a few weeks time at the GUM i was going to ask for a full blood test im just wondering would they test me ????????because it non sexual there not open now untill the new year so cant ring for advice or should i go to my GP and get tested there now ive read these will go on my permanent record
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