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STD Risk HIV and Testing!

Hi I have consulted doctor online and this is what he said. I am scared as I thought I don't need testing, now with the answer I am again under stress. Please answer if with condom protected sex I need STD testing? If so when ? and what all tests need to be done. Since the last time I had sex was two months ago.

I did sex with a CSW(Prostitiute) in her home 2009, had burning sensation after the next day, it subsided then 2 weeks later did it with another CSW (only 2-3 strokes) both encounters with condom. tested -ve 4 hiv as per doc advice @3.5 months. Did it in april 2010 very rough sex indeed but with condom double bagging one did break when i tried to do anal with her. In march 2011 did it with call girls(myself with two girls at one time) at a friends bachelor party & the next week with the spa Turkish girl - masseuse. All with condom. Since the april 10 sex I have developed a skin disease on my arms, torso, shoulders with big blisters(not crowded but individual or in pairs). Is this HIV related or should I test in 1months time which would be 3 months from my last encounter in march or no need to test? Would this have any effect if I want to marry.

My docters suggestion: "Repeated sexual encounters with multiple partners definitely exposes one to risk of STD/HIV.As you have developed skin problem right now ,you must get all tests for STD/HIV at frequent intervals as HIV virus has long incubation periods .so test negative after one month does not mean one can`t suffer from HIV/aids.So repeated testing is required along with proper treatment,without any delay. If completely treated marriage may not be effected.I have seen wife getting HIV from husbands."
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Whatelse could it be?
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u never had unprotected sex u had no risk
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did u mention to ur doctor that it was protected sex
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other stds there is a small risk but for hiv u had no risk get tested as it is good to get tested once a year if u have had multple partners
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tdot 123 thank u for the reply.
Yes I have mentioned it was protected sex with condom with out any drug or alcohol abuse as I am a complete teetotaler. But cant understand why he is asking me to test. I hate to get a prick and be em brassed before others. Since i wanted to get a quick result I consulted him online and did not wait for the STD specialist. The Docter consulted is a MS general surgeon and a pregnancy specialist but not an STD or Skin specialist.
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he is asking me to be also treated! I cant understand is he trying to make a quick buck?
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