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Saliva and HIV

To whom it may concern
First I should say sorry about my bad English. Yesterday (06 of may 2012) I was with a prostitute (my first and last time doing such a crazy action in my life), the thing that I am so worried about it , is that , 3 hours before staying with her , I tried to clean the hairs of my penis by scissors and  unfortunately I cut the skin of my skin for about 1mm, I had some bleeding on that moment, but notice that three hours later I went to that crazy place with her and I completely forget about my cut ( I don't know why sometimes I become stupid), she did blow job with condom for me, and also I penetrated to her vaginal only for 1 minute (maximum) with condom and I did not like that position so I stopped it, but finally as I was not ejaculated and so angry, she did some hand job for me , and she put some of her saliva on my penis this time without condom, and only with her hands, until that I ejaculated finally, what I am worried about it a lot, I don't know if my cut on the penis was completely healed or not after 3 hours, I did not have any bleeding during the sex action, and also she was so strict about using condoms she also washed my penis before starting ( I don't know if I should be optimistic about this matter or pessimistic) and at the afternoon I also called that house because I was so stressful and they answered to me all the women here first should show their healthy analysis and these sort of things, Should I do a HIV test or not? Actullay I have some limitation for doing it.
Please help me; I am in any very bad condition

This discussion is related to Oral Sex with small cut on penis.
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Saliva is not infectious,Full stop.You never had a risk and you don't require HIV testing.
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Thanks Rainlover for your kind reply, but still I am worried, I am not so sure that after three hours the cut on my penis was completely healed or not, also I worried that during that 1 minute penetration that she was above me, that cut was covered well with condom or not, do you have any idea?
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Cuts heal from the inside out. You never had an exposure.
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Cuts heal from the inside out. You never had an exposure.
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Thanks Teak for your reply, I have another doubt,It is not possible that by rubbing my penis by her hands, the 3 hours healed wound become open again? but I don't have bleeding on that moment...
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