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Saliva test accuracy???

I got tested with the saliva swab thing today and the results came back negative!!!


Now...I'm still paranoid in a few ways...

i called the office back later and...i asked how accurate the saliva swab things were and they said 99.6% accurate...

now... i have a question...

If saliva kills HIV virus.... ...why do they use the saliva swab test???  they said saliva can still have HIV antibodies in it,,,

what do you all think?
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You didn't get a saliva test, you got an oral test. Oral tests are not checking your saliva.
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oh ok...well how accurate are the oral tests???... how can you test for HIV if the saliva kills HIV?  
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The test is FDA approved.  It is as good as any rapid test by blood droplets.
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thanks... It just kinda doesn't make sense... if Saliva kills HIV or something...i dont know how they are going to detect it with the saliva whatever oral test...
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*IF* you are HIV infected, you can have antibodies, not the virus on your gums/cheeks. They are testing for the antibodies (the body's response to the infection) not the virus itself. These tests are reliable.
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soo if you are HIV infected..you CAN have antibodies??

does that mean some HIV infected people don't develop antibodies after 12 weeks or something of contracting HIV?
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no. now you're reading into things too far.
If you had HIV, the swab would have picked up antibodies on your gums/cheek. it's as accurate as a rapid blood screening test, and is FDA approved.
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thank you!!!... I'm pretty much for sure that I am definitely negative now!! YEA!!!!
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You are definitely negative. =)
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