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Scare of HIV

I had unprotected sex with a prostitute six month back in 2nd week of February this year. After that I felt slight burning when urinates and when urine sums up in penis and burning feet problem.

I visited my doctor and doctor recommended me Syphilis (VDRL / RPR), HEP.B. Surface Antigen & Hepatitis C Antibody test and all came NON REACTIVE. During this Dr. also suggested me Urine Detail Report and Urine Culture test. Both tests are also normal. Following are the values from those tests.

PH …………………………. 7.0
SP GRAVITY …………… 1.015
UROBILINOGEN ……. 3.2 umol/L (upto 16 umol/L is NORMAL)
YEAST …………………… NIL
CAST …………………….. NIL


Dr. given me course of one week of ciprofloxacin and vibramycin tablets. But this didn’t relief my pain completely. After that I changed my doctor and he asked me to revised all the above tests and I did and thankfully all tests came NON REACTIVE again (I repeated all the tests after 3 months in June 2010). And he given me course of one week of cefixime tablets. But still I feel problems.

Also doctor suggested me HIV test but i afraid of that test and i didn't went to the lab for HIV test yet. To be very honest, I don’t  feel burning sensation of urine much now. Occaisonly i feel burning in penis and mostly happen when urine sums up in penis and as soon as i pass out urine burning goes away. But I am continuosly facing burning feet problem. Please do let me know, is there any chance that I contracted for any of STD ? According to doctor I don’t have any STD symptoms e.g. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Cystitis because i don't have any pus/blood in urine till now. and urine seems to be clear as well. According to doctor all my major STD tests are clear. and i am OK.

Please help me out on this. I am freak out. I don't know what to do. Please let me know how to cure burning feet problem and also do let me know burning feet problem and occasionly burning in top of penis is an HIV symptom ?

One more thing to mention during this period of time i did intercourse many times with my wife and i don't have any pain or any sort of problem when semen ejaculates.

Can someone please help me on this. I already asked doctor to test me for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Cystitis but doctor is saying this is going to be useless because i don't have any of the STD symptoms.I am curious if doctor is right than why i feel slight burning urination and constant burning feet problem. By the way i never tested for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Cystitis from the day i had unprotected exposure. don't have pus/blood in urine from the day i had unprotected sex almost six months now. And look likes i am clear from gonorrhea, chalmydia and cystitis because my urine cluture test is clear and urine detail report says no bacteria. Hoping i don't have any STD.
But i am anxious about burning feet problem and slight burning happens only when urine sums up in penis and as soon as i pass out urine.. burning in penis goes out.
What i will do in this situation. How to cure those infections.
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I am assuming your encounter was hetrosexual and that you are in either the US or Europe.  If that is not the case, then the comments may not apply totally.  If that is the case, then here is something to consider.  The chances your partner had HIV was probably less than 1 in a 1000.  Most CSW are not infected with anything, including HIV.  If she happened to be positive, then the chances of transfer from one unprotected sexual act is about 1 in 2000.  Both these conditions have to exist which means your chance of contraction is about 1 in 2 million.  You should be tested for peace of mind.  Plenty of time has passed for the test to be reliable.  I understand your apprehension, however, the test will not give you HIV.  In all likelihood you don't have it, but you should make sure.

You should also be tested for the standard STDs.  The lack of symptoms,while a good thing, does not negate the possibility you may have them.  A fair amount of men never feel any discomfort or symptoms, so I would insist on being tested.  If any of those are positive, you can have them treated.  A standard urine screen will not show the presence of the routrine bacterial STD.  It requires specific testing for that.  I think your bottom line should be, highly unlikely I have HIV but will get tested for peace of mind, and I will get tested for STDs for safety.

Just my thoughts.  Hope they help.
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The only way to know your status is by testing. Yes you can contract HIV on the first exposures.
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I am in south asia and my syphilis Hepatitis B Antigen Surface and Hepatitis C tests are NON REACTIVE after 3 months.
And to doctors i am all clear as no pus/blood in urine almost six months now so STD's are clear according to doctor and need to move on. But i still occasionally feels burning in penis when normaly urine sums up in penis and when i pass out urine burning goes away and along with that burning feet problem.

I  want to know those are initial HIV symptoms ?
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No those are not initial HIV symptoms. Did you go get an HIV test done?
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I am assuming heterosexual is sex with opposite sex person if it is yes i had heterosexual sex ( i am male and i had unprotected vaginal sex with female)
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Have you had an HIV test done?
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No. i don't have HIV test yet. I am scare of the test.
By the way my doctor is not agree to test me for other STD's as per doctor i don't have any serious symptoms till now almost six months. and i don't have any sort of pus/blood in urine so no need to test for STD's.

Don't know what to do at this point.
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Just get up your courage and go test. You will never be able to let this go or know your status for absolute sure until you test. I know it's scary and hard, but it's what you have to do. As the first person said, your risk is still low with a one-time encounter with unprotected vaginal sex, and you being the male. You can do it- don't hesitate anymore, just go into a clinic and have a rapid test done and get your results in 20 minutes!
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OK. i will do it and it sound's like i don't have hiv because no hiv symptoms and almost six months passed. Isn't it ?

And to do for other STD's like gono,chalmadiya and cytsis. Doctor is right or not that i don't have those STD's because no pus/blood as six months passed to exposure or i need to test for those as well.
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I tried to diagnose myself on internet through symptom checker and i put my disease as "burning feet" and the results come up with possible diseases which includes HIV as well.

Please tell me burning feet is HIV symptom ?
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ever heard the saying "sh*t or get off the pot"?

the ONLY way to know your status is by testing.  there is nothing further to add.
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