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Scared, Please Help. Foul Smelling Urine, swollen lymph node, sore throat. HIV ?

Hi please help, i am getting very worried.

I had sex last week on monday night with a worker girl. i used a condom.
2 days later, i noticed my urine started smelling very foul. now on tuesday the week after (+8 days), the smell has subsided but is still there. I searched and assured myself it might just be Urinary Tract Infection and went to doctor yesterday and prescribed me antibiotics. I was scared I might have contracted HIV and looked for early symptoms. From this morning Tuesday, I noticed my right armpit is swollen, most possibly the lymph node I think since I just looked at online pictures. Possibly also the lymph node on the left side of my neck below the chin. I had to press on both to feel the bump although the armpit is slightly visible. Also, I had a sore throat since yesterday and think it might be yeast infection from the UTI or something. Also, yesterday on monday (+7 days), I started having diarrhea. It's not bad that it's uncontrollable, but everytime I need to go to the toilet to do the business, it's always diarrhea since yesterday. I read HIV might show these symptoms from the 2nd week to the 4th week. No onset of fever or irregular night sweats at the moment but I am getting worried. I still stay with my parents, what measures can I take to avoid contact with them?

Details on the sex, straightforward sex. I used a condom, at first she gave me oral. Then she was on top of me and before we rotated to do it doggy style, I had a pre-ejaculation inside the condom, very minor amount. Then came inside condom while I'm still inside her doggy-style. However, soon after I just rested on the bed without taking a ****. The girl went to toilet and took out wet tissue paper as well as dry ones and first cleaned the pubic hair area around my penis, then took out the condom and wiped my penis with I think the same wet tissue paper. She then used the dry ones to wipe my penis and surrounding area dry. She took a shower while I waited and I held my pee until I went to shower after her.

After reading online, I assumed I had UTI since its foul smelling, but now I worry if I might have contracted HIV as well. Please provide professional diagnosis whether my symptoms are high risks of HIV and whether our sexual actions puts me at high risk to get whatever diseases she has, specifically HIV. The doctor told me I can only check for STDs after a month and HIV 6 months after.

Thank you and please help.
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You can relax, you never had a risk.  Oral sex is not a risk (even unprotected) and you used a condom for the vaginal sex.  Condoms, when they don't break, are 100% effective in preventing HIV.

Your "symptoms" are totally inconsistent with HIV anyway.  I agree that it sounds like you got a UTI, which, while less common in men, are a common occurence.  

You can not assess a swollen lymph node.  Only a medical professional can do that, and it takes LOTS of practice since most nodes are always palpable.  Even IF you had a swollen lymph node, it could be caused by about a thousand different things...for YOU, logically your urinary tract infection.  Swollen lymph nodes are a reaction of the body's immune system when it detects any sort of infection, or abnormality.

You don't require HIV testing, however, you may want to test for other, non-HIV STD's that are transmitted much easier.  You can go to any clinic and request an STD panel.  Just explain your exposure.

Last time, I'll say it again, NO worries for HIV at all.  You're a-ok.
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u r safe u never had exposure
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thank you everyone for your clarification to help ease my mind. i was worried since if ive gotten uti, i might have gotten other diseases from her as well.
i realized i didnt check after sex and not totally sure if the condom had not torn or there was a hole. her cleaning my penis and pubic hair, while then seemed like a good service to me, but now im paranoid she might have been cleaning up any signs of condom breakage.

i worry also that i may be getting thrush, since i already have a sore throat. it seems my tongue is getting slightly white... not completely white in all areas, and slightly yellowish on the front side of tongue. reading online added to my worries since these are the early symptoms; swollen lymph node, sore throat, thrush (possibly), diarrhea (still have it 2 days on). its kinda freaking me out, what else could i have apart from UTI from these symptoms?

the swollen lymph node on my right armpit is definite, its larger than the left and feels strange to me. it doesnt hurt though, is it supposed to if its swollen?
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Had the condom failed you would have known without a doubt.
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it is now 3rd week since sex, 24th may, yesterday and day before, i experienced a little bit of chest pain while inhaling. at first when i woke up, and then a little bit during daytime. very minimal occurence however now i have a sore throat again. i am getting worried again. are these also symptoms?

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i have been browsing other forums as well. ive read that other people quoting from credible source like the cdc and such, hiv can still be transmitted through oral sex, and also dried blood (hiv can live upto 2hours if viral load is high). im worried if i might have it and may infect my family. i am worried and paranoid now. ive read that it can even be transferred through razors and tootbrushes.
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