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Scared I might have hiv symptoms 11 days after protected sex?

I went to Thailand for a week and had sex with a sex worker, she put the condom on and it seemed to go on right from what I can tell. After we finished which only took 2-3 minutes, I made sure to take the condom off and after took the condom to the bathroom to do the water test and didn't see any leakage or obvious Breakage.

I have to mention also, after returning from Thailand my sleep cycle was very messed up.
I would sleep at 11pm or 12am and wake up at 4 or 5 am and go all day until 6 pm and then recharge for an hour which didn't help, I just wanted to keep on sleeping.

A week after night with prostitute, On two of these days I went to go play soccer, I was feeling pretty crappy from lack of sleep but I love soccer and forced myself to go, it was pretty cold inside and I sweat a lot a lot a lot when I am active. Drove home in dry shirt and hoody  but still sweating in late winter New Jersey,  I felt so dehydrated afterwards which made me feel dizzy.

11 days after night with prostitute, i started having back body aches, felt a bit crappy that night.
day 2  I came down with a sore throats, body and joint aches, chills, headache.
Day 3, worst of worst was over, i was taking DayQuil which helped me with the symptoms, i felt better, sore throat  and minor chills. This night I felt like I had night sweats. Just around my head and neck, pillow was slightly wet.
Day 4 I felt 95% we'll, only thing that really persisted was a sore throats throughout the day.
I went to bed that day and also had that same type of night sweats, I'm calling hem night sweats because I don't know what else to call them, I feel like normal night sweats are more excessive .
Now today day 5, Id day I'm at 98% my sore throat is feeling a lot

My question is, is it possible I could have hiv first symptoms?
I got over what I suspect was a flu, not a cold since I wasn't sneezing or coughing Much.
Am I dying?!?!?
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If the condom didnt break, you had no risk of hiv. This is all that you have to hold on to.

Hiv is transmitted by having unprotected sex. An intact condom means that youve had safe sex and didnt expose yourself to hiv. You had no risk.

see a doctor for your ailments. Theyre not hiv related.

You're answer is refreshing malbat, that's what I've been telling myself and it just feels so reassuring to hear it from someone else, thank you .
You're welcome..
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