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Scared. What was my risk?

Hi, I hooked up with a guy from Grindr last night and my anxiety is going through the roof. Here's the story. We basically messed around, I put a condom on and I would rub my penis around his anus, I even tried to put it in a little but he didn't want to have sex. I might've only put the head in a bit. Then he wanted to have fun and he pulled me on top of him and I felt his penis hit my anus for a split second but there was no penetration. My problem is, is that when we were hanging out I noticed he had dry blood on his hand. He told me he cut his finger, and he used that same hand to grab my penis; but I asked him to start using the other hand. This Thing is, I burned the tip of my penis a few months ago using a cream and it still hurts sometimes; most of the meatus burned off. The tip is like a pink fleshy color...it even burned my urethra.  I'm scared the dry blood came into contact with this sore on my penis and I'm scared he gave me hiv this way. We messed around some more after that, I fingered him, then I would masturbate. Then he would masturbate and use that same hand to touch my penis. What is my chance of contracting hiv if I still had his anal "fluid" on my hands And it came into contact with the sore on my penis? Also the dry blood on his finger worries me to death. Even though he told me it wasn't bleeding anymore. The condom didn't break because I filled it with water to make sure there were no holes; but my anxiety won't go down. Even if I had a active bleeding cut on the tip of my penis would there even be a cause for concern? I apologize for rambling but I wanted to tell the whole story.
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Did you use a condom? Was there any penetration at all?
Yes, he gave me a condom. The brand was skyn. I tried penetrating, i think only a little bit of the head went in
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