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Scared about HIV Infection

   I did this stupidity 5 weeks back and now i'm scared to death thinking about the consequences.
    This happened on 19-Jun-2010.I visited a brothel and had sex with a sex worker.
During that time i did Cunnilingus on her for some time roughly for about 10 to 15 minutes.I remember her vagina was very wet.Then she performed oral sex on me.
  Then i sucked her chest for sometime.Dont remember , if she was lactating.Then I had a vaginal intercourse with her.
  The biggest mistake i did was I didnot use condom ( I payed her extra and managed to do without it....for which i regret now)

Now after 5 weeks , for last 2 days I'm having severe knee pain which stays through out the day.Then again yesterday I had pain both on my left and right ears.
   My Penis head and testicles have started to feeel severe pain for last two days.Its bearable but i feel the pain through out the day.Sometimes burning sensation at the top of the penis.
   When i think back , I remember having diarrhea for 3 to 4 days after exposure.
That was totally watery.
  i cant remember any other thing that i felt.
Now i go through the symptoms chart , all the symptoms match with early HIV infection.
  I'm really scared to death and not in a condition to think what should be done.
Please help.

Are these really HIV symptoms.
When should I get tested to get a conclusive result.

  Why am I feeling such a heavy pain in my knee and ears ??? Anybody living with HIV , remember experiencing such symptoms.

Pls help.....
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See your doctor if you are concerned about you symptoms. You did not have a risk of contracting HIV.
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Hi Teak,
   Thanks for Your response.
But from the posts I understand that oral sex is not a possibility for HIV transmission.But I've had a unprotected Vagial sex and I was not sure about her HIV status.

Taking into consideration , the Symptoms - Ear pain , Knee pain(Which I feeel even when I'm typing this reply) , pain on my penis head , the burning sensation  , pain in testicles and the diarrhea i had after sex, how would you so confidently rule out the possibility of HIV infection.

Sorry for asking you again , but could you throw light on the symptoms and answer .I know you are very very busy helping people in this forum to fight their anxiety and fear. but a detailed answer considering my symptoms would really help.

Thanks again.Thanks in advance.
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Symptoms don't mean a thing in diagnosing HIV now since you add that you had unprotected vaginal sex you can test 3 months post exposure to obtain a conclusive negative test result.
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we dont play the "symptom checker" game here.  the symptoms that you are describing are things that ppl suffer with all the time.

the ONLY way to know your status is by testing at the appropriate time
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Thanks again for the response.
   I've not added anything after your repy.If you see my first post , I've clearly written these lines.
"hen i sucked her chest for sometime.Dont remember , if she was lactating.Then I had a vaginal intercourse with her.
  The biggest mistake i did was I didnot use condom ( I payed her extra and managed to do without it....for which i regret now) "
  My worry is , Why am  I suddenly developing all these complications or pains.I've never experienced this before.

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Will , I get conclusive test only after 3 months of exposure.I dont think I can go through this for 2 more months.Do You suggest any other test.
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There are none. Had you used a condom you wouldn't have yoursefl in this mess.
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How long does it normally take for a HIV infected person to develop the symptoms.Assuming I've contracted HIV from that exposure, can the symptoms I've stated above be attributed to HIV infection.
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Most people that are infected don't have symptoms. If one has symptoms of ARS they come on 2-4 weeks post exposure and last 1-2 weeks. NO..
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Hey there. You stated this happened about 5 weeks ago. The doctors on the expert forum both agree that getting a DUO test at the 4 week mark (1 month) is "proof positive" that you were not infected with HIV. The DUO test looks for both antibodies and for HIV itself. You can go now and get this test since it has been over 4 weeks. If the result is negative, you can be very confident that when you go for your 3 months conclusive test, the result will also be negative. I wish you the best of luck.
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Page 9

A test result that is nonreactive does not exclude the possibility of exposure to or infection with HIV-1 and/or HIV-2. Nonreactive results in this assay for individuals with prior exposure to HIV-1 and/or HIV-2 may be due to antigen and antibody levels that are below the limit of detection of this assay.

A negative test at 3 months will be conclusive.
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Teak I am aware that even DUO tests are not conclusive until 3 months. That's why I state that according to doctors here, a negative DUO test at 1 month is extremely encouraging but that everyone still needs to follow up with 1 last test at the 3 month mark. The DUO test at 1 month is for peace of mind. I never state that 1 month is ever conclusive.
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Thanks a lot for Your replies and wishes.I'll try to fix up a appointment with a doc for the mentioned test.Atleast will have some direction for next two months.
Thanks Again.
But , irrespective of the result , I'll get a test done after 3 months.

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  I spoke to a doc who specialize in Sexual medicine.I told him my background , he suggested a Western Blot test next week.That is 6 weeks post exposure.I asked him about the accuracy and conclusiveness of the test. He said that , it is close to 100 % 6 weeks post exposure.
  My concern , is this the correct test to take at this time.Is the test really 100 % conclusive .Irrespective of the result , should i go for a test after 3 months.

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WB test is only needed to confirm a positive antibody test result. Don't waste time and money on a WB.

3 months is the only time for a conclusive test result to be.
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  You mean that WB test is not the correct test ? I didnot get you ...You said  , "WB test is only needed to confirm a positive antibody test result" ------what does this mean ?

I can Interpret 2 things from here.
  1.WB is a confirmation test , if the previous antibody test result is positive.  
     >>>So , do You mean to say that , WB is more accurate.
            SO , if this is the case , Can I trust this test result.
     You are only concerned that , this is not required at this point.A simple test will give a result.

2.Do You mean that WB will not give accurate result.

Sorry for putting so many qns.Just wanted to finish off this heel i'm going through , by some test.

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If you take an antibody test and it is positive then a WB is done to confirm that positive test. WB is not a diagnostic test it is a confirmation test.

WB is not more or less accurate it is just a confermation test and only used as such. If it was a diagnostic test that was more accurate then it would be used as a diagnostic test.
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  I discussed with the doc again today.I asked him if WB is the correct test to take.He insisted that 6 weeks post exposure this is the test they use to test.He also told that there are couple of other tests like PCR , Viral Load.This may be required as next step if WB comes out positive.
  He also told that WB 101% accurate at this time period.But even if it comes negative.it is better to take ELISA after 6 months.
  Pls guide me , If i'm taking the right test.I cannot go on disclosing my situation to other clinics/docs as i'm scared about confidentiality.
   The doc speacilizes in sexual medicine.this is how his tag looks.

Hon. Consultant Sexual Medicine.

His clinic also works as a part of the national AIDS counsel , which offers concessions on testing.
  Am I on the right track for testing.
Plz help.
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  Can You also let me know te exact name of the test You were recommending as a diagnostic test.Let me Check with the doc if i can have the same.
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