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Scared of Possible ARS

I had unprotected sex about 2.5-3 weeks before symptoms. Im a heterosexal male and my partner was female. The day the first symptom started was a red tingling throat, which was hardly noticable. No glands were swollen until about 5-6 days later. It started under my chin and jaw. Then 2 days later they were on the back of my neck and underneath my arm pits(same day). My whole neck on the sides was swollen, but it didnt feel like lymph nodes. Other places felt like lymph nodes on my neck. The ones on my neck and underarms were small but there were many.  These are the only symptoms no rash, no fever. Would somone with ars have different nodes come on different days? Would the sore throat have come on the same day as lymph glands? Would the glands be large?  I am getting test for HIV and Mono. Thanks!!!
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Hiv is never diagnosed on the basis of symptoms alone.You need to take an hiv test for early detection.NAT-Nucleic Acid Test or P24 combo and then 3Months post-exposure.All the best.
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I forgot to add there was a stinging, burning sensation before the swollen glands apeared. My whole neck and one underarm burned before they appeared.
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