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Scared of been infected with HIV.

I penetrated into a lady for less than 30secs because she pushed me away immediately I penetrate but before that I did sucked her *****. After 2weeks I started having severe cough then it stoped then headache, body pains,fever and fatigue in the 4th week which I called her to tell her and she told me she didn't have HIV but after few minutes she messaged me that she's HIV positive. At 6weeks I still feel all those syptoms so I went to my gp and carried out some test from kings college hospital in London after 6weeks and 2days after the possibly exposure and the result came negative buy still having headache, body pains and stomack pain too. What should I do?
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Your test is conclusive.  You do not have HIV.  See a doctor for your non-HIV related symptoms.
Thanks a lot.
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