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Scared of hiv ARS symptoms?

Please help me I'm desperate. Last month, July 15th. I had a sexual encounter with a male who says he is hiv- but we had protected sex until the condom slipped. I was also on my menstrual period. We didn't notice it had slipped until it was too late. Fast forward to August 5th I got a swollen lymph node behind my ear which happened to go away the same day. Then a week after that, August 9th I got a cold sore which I haven't gotten since I was 18. On the 10 I came down with mild fever, and that same night I had a pretty bad night sweat. Then the fatigue, Malaise, loss of appetite happened from the 10 all the way until August 16. On August 16 I got loose stools.. Not so much of diarrhea but loose. Then again on the 17 and 18.. I started taking acyclovir on the 17. So it can't be the pills given me loose stools. Now I just have that a tiny bits of headache but not migraine level headache. And hazy vision. The hazy vision started like around the 13. I still have it. The cold sore is gone now.. My lip is just red healing. I also noticed a lot of mucus in my stool. Let me mention I went to get a full std panel done on August 12. I had a rapid hiv test (finger prick) done that same day which came back as negative. But I'm having all these symptoms and I'm so paranoid. The guy has blocked me and won't talk to me. I was bothering him with all my symptoms and he said he feels fine and that he's clean that I was bothering him too much.. Please help me. I'm so scared. I've Webb experiencing extreme anxiety from this. I haven't slept much, I can't eat much. My appetite is slowly coming back but I feel bloated and full so fast. The days when I had the fever I had some constipation and now I just have loose stools. Idk what to do tbh. Do I have hiv?
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Symptoms are not reliable. 4 weeks after exposure, duo test is 95% accurate. So if you tested with a duo / 4th gen test, it is a good indication of your result. 6 week duo test will be 99% reliable. So, stay hopeful.
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I don't think it was a duo test. I was told it was araquick finger prick. Then again at 5 weeks mark I bought an oraquick home test (oral swab which was negative) idk how reliable this is for now until my other results come back.
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Go get a DUO test (4th gen Ab/Ag), p24 antigens can be detected before antibodies and will be present until enough antibodies are produced.  Results come back pretty quickly, so you can have some peace of mind.  Maybe see if you can order it online, that's what I do with mine and I get my results within 1- 2 days after visiting the lab to give my specimen...but I'm in the US, I'm not sure if you are too.  Rapid finger-prick tests that are antibody-only aren't too reassuring this early on.  

Also please remember that you cannot diagnose HIV with just symptoms.  I've been there myself.  You will drive yourself crazy and spiral into an anxious depression.  Take care!
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Hi guys, I have done the following test:
Finger prick oraquick at 4 weeks negative
Elisa 4th generation and RNA hiv1 at 5 weeks -negative
Elisa 4th generation at 7 weeks negative
Elisa 4th gen at 10 weeks- also negative..
how reliable are these? I did all kinds of STD panels and they all come back negative but I developed a yeast infection, I also have skin itchiness, and white tongue, and lots of gas.. idk what's going on with my body.
Can I move on with my life and think HIV is not my issue? How reliable is a 4 gen Elisa at 10 weeks after exposure?
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Your 10th week result is an excellent indicator of your status and i believe it is not going to change. Many would consider this conclusive as well. But as per CDC, only a 12th week result would be conclusive.
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