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I was in theatre 3 weeks ago i was seated very relax sudden thought come in my mind that ppl spread hiv trough neeedle in theatre n i feel pain in bump if needle stick in bump its possible that person seat relax on seat m scared nw about hiv m thinking that i got stick with needle what to do plzz suggest
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You've had no risk
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Br read on net that hiv can transmit through needle stick
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No one purposely stuck you with a needle.
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Ii think needle is in seat
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Even i get many broadcast msg on whatsapp of this ppl get hiv through needle in theatre
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They are just trying to scare you, it's an old legend and you can read about it on the internet, it has never happened! Don't worry. I've heard it many times too, I even asked a doctor, they laughed at me! Wish you well! :)
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Okay thanks now i got it means i dnt need to test
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Yes, you don't need to test. Relax!
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Okay dude thanks alot
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Now again i read on net that ppl get infected through needle stick in healthcare settings mean needle stick can infect a person m scared
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the needle pricks in healthcare settings are from hollow needles. The blood goes inside the bore of the needle and has no exposure to air, so the virus stays fresh and active. The needle you're thinking about isn't hollow and CANNOT carry a lot of blood on it. Even IF there were HIV infected blood on it, it would still not infect anyone, because the air that it's exposed to would make it inactive/ UNINFECTIOUS.
Your mind is playing tricks on you. Please stop searching the net. There's a lot of misinformation out there. You came to the right place (Medhelp). Be happy and stay safe :)
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Thanks  sleeplessnights
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