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Screwed or Paranoid?

I meet this girl the other night in the city. We had some drinks and parties the night away. Later we returned to her place. We both stripped down naked and began cuddling naked. We both performed oral sex on one another. Her secretions were heavy as to the intense foreplay. She began grinding her vagina against me. As I said I had secretions on me. After about an hour of messing around she wanted to have sex. I didn't have protection so I refrained. We cuddled and fell asleep naked. I never penetrated but I did get bodily fluids on me. She bit me hard a few times. Causing blood and teeth marks on my. Scratched small bleeding scratches on my chest and back. It's been about 14 days and I feel like my lymph nodes are swelling in my neck, armpits and groin. Slight wailing pain. Also have began to develop a raw irritated sore throat. Just started developing these sore muscles too and headaches. Worried that my symptoms are pairing those of ars.

Do I need to test and be worried?

What is the percentage of risk?

I'm afraid to call the girl and ask her. Don't want to sound offensive. That's why I'm inquiring here first.
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get tested man that's what I did even though I'd never had sex in my life. I also felt all the symptoms a week later
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Did you test negative?

I'm hella worried. It's too late to get on PEP now.
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Also forgot to mention the raised red rash I got on my upper chest.
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I need help here. I'm supper paranoid. Especially because we did this on the first night of meeting. She was willing to have sex with a stranger without a condom. Just told me she was on the pill so it didn't matter. She could have done this with many people on the past. This causing a high risk exposure. I knew the next morning I should have gotten PEP just in case.
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I cant see a risk. U didnt have unprotected sex. There are no specific HIV sympthoms, because there are many other things, which can cause them. (Like anxiety ). Only a test is conclusive.
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Should I test. There was vaginal secretions on me. And I performed extensive oral on her. I have chapped lips with cracks due to the cold weather where I'm at.
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You should get tested for your peace of mind, but not because of this situation.
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Can anxiety really cause hiv type rash, sore throat, muscle pains, headache and swollen achy lymph glands. When I looked up ars symptoms these all popped up.
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So the situation was a zero risk?

Testing only for anxiety? Was there a risk at least a small percentage?
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Dude! Seriously, you need to f'n relax. HIV CANNOT be contracted in the way you describe. You basically dry humped a girl. Let's talk about facts. Not the propaganda you hear in Sex Ed.

1. Heterosexual HIV is extremely rare in most places in the world. Most transmissions from female to male are the result of NUMEROUS unprotected encounters and underlying STDS such as gonorrhea or herpes.
2. Studies support that HIV is a very weak virus once it has left the body. That is to say if HIV was present in your partner's vaginal secretions it would have begun to weaken as soon as it was exposed to the environment.
3. Your partner would have to have been HIV+ to have even posed a risk to you in the first place. Do you know your partner's HIV status? No? Ask her. If she is negative, no worries. If she is positive, no worries. Why? Because HIV can only be transmitted by the following three avenues...Listen carefully Sick2mystomach..cause NONE of them apply to you.

1.Unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex with an HIV+ person
2.Sharing needles with an HIV+ person
3. From HIV+ mother to unborn child.

Making out with LOTS of vaginal secretions are NOT on that list. You need to RELAX, you did NOT contract HIV from the exposure you described. And, please don't listen to vicx14 cause he didn't have a risk either.
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