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Seborrheic dermatitis & HIV

Hi there,

So, I am have been battling seborrheic dermatitis mainly on my scalp and face since this past April. When I was looking up causes for this condition, HIV was listed as a risk factor for it. This caused me to be become extremely nervous and somewhat paranoid. Several years ago I had a couple low risk sexual encounters (mainly oral) but have been celibate for the past few years. However, developing seborrheic dermatitis has caused me to become incredibly paranoid and worrisome that HIV might be an underlying cause.

I have been to my doctor and received a full blood panel and everything came back normal (blood cell counts, ect). However, I did not realize that HIV itself will not always be tested in blood work so I then purchased an OraQuick HIV test online and that tested negative. Being paranoid I bought another kit and that also tested negative. However, I am still experiencing seborrheic dermatitis and can't seem to figure out it's cause, so it is making me doubt the negative results I received.  Is the OraQuick test accurate? Should I consider another type of testing to be certain?

I'd appreciate any advice or input on this. The development of this skin condition combined with the worry of HIV is stressing me out beyond belief.

Thank you so much!!
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Have you had any unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse?
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No, I have not.
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You have not had an hiv risk in the last couple years and I assume you don't use intravenous drugs.
Your test satisfied CDC guidelines for a conclusive negative.
Hiv symptoms mirror many other health issues so testing is the only way to know.
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No, I am not a drug user of any kind.

Do you think I should take another HIV test (perhaps with a doctor) to be certain?

I don't mean to be a pest about this, I am just so paranoid. I also noticed the past few days that I have slight cracking in the corners of my mouth (angular cheilitis) and that is making me worry even more.

Thank you so much for your help!
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You do not have HIV, that's all we can tell you.
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If your anxiety keeps holding you back then go to a local clinic for a rapid blood test. The type doesn't matter based on your exposure and time.
If that doesn't free your mind , respectfully, you may need to speak to a professional to get past this. Not sure what more I could say.
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