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Second Generation Rapid HIV test 8 weeks after PEP. ARS Symptoms. PEP failed?

My condom broke on 2/17. I started pep (truvada and issentress) 68 hours later (I know it's late).

On 3/13, the third week of PEP, I had a fever for 2 days with no mucous. I also had various symptoms pop up like fatigue, diahrrea, sore throat, slight cough, headache, slight joint aches for 4 days around the time of the fever. I thought I was seroconverting or some of it was caused by the PEP. But PEP doesn't cause fever. I also got blood work done by the emergency room, and compared the results to my visit to get the PEP on 2/20. My lymphocyte levels dropped dramatically (12%). I've read various articles that say low lymphocyte levels without a change in anything else on your blood test is a potential sign of a viral infection, flu, or HIV. I'm so scared. I'm usually someone that gets sick rarely.

on 3/15, 26 days after exposure (23 days since beginning PEP, but still on PEP), I was negative using a fourth generation rapid test.

On 3/21 I finished PEP. On 3/25 I tested negative for a second generation rapid blood test.

From 3/28 to 4/2 I had a slight headache everyday.

on 4/15, I started getting a fever again. This time it lasted a whole week, with no mucous again. This is 25 days after PEP ended. I thought I was seroconverting after PEP. I had a lost of appetite some days, and it felt the same as last month's illness but less severe. However, the fever lasted for a whole week this time instead of 2 days, but it was a mild fever.

4/22, 32 days after PEP ended, I took an at home oraquick test and it was negative. I also took the second generation blood finger prick test again and it was negative.

5/5, 6 weeks and 3 days (45 days) after PEP ended, I took an at home oraquick test again and it was negative.

5/18, 8 weeks, 2 days after PEP (58 days after PEP), I tested negative on Oraquick again.

5/20, 8 weeks, 4 days after PEP (58 days after PEP), I tested negative on second generation rapid test again. How conclusive is this result?
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You have to wait 4 weeks after stopping the PEP to test with a duo or 3 months after for any other test. All those tests  outside the window period were a waste of time. Symptoms can't be used by you to diagnose HIV so none of that is relevant either and no one here pays attention to them because HIV doctors can't diagnose from them.

People cough on your lips and door knobs so your colds can be from that. Nothing is pointing towards you having Hiv, so try to relax until you can test at the appropriate time.
Sorry, but where does it say I have to wait 3 months for any other test? The CDC says the window period for second generation test is 42 days. I tested negative at 60 days after PEP. The CDC doesn't mention testing after PEP, so what's the chance I still have HIV?
Maybe someone else here will discuss second generation, because everyone here says 3 months for any test that isn't a duo.
Can you give a link on where cdc says 2nd gen is conclusive at 42 days?
And if you look at the references it links to this article: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download;jsessionid=F85E0855E895B524022D980721FF5FE1?doi=
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So you tested negative 60 days AFTER pep? Am I right?

If that is the case then you are conclusively negative, either the PEP worked or you did not contract HIV in the first place. Either way HIV is no longer a concern of yours. Keep having safe sex.
You can move on.
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