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Second PEP, 3 months after the first PEP

I had finished an 4 weeks PEP medication late March 2009. Yesterday when I was having sex with a girl in massage parlour in bangkok, the condom was broken accidentally. I quickly clean my penis with soap and water and urinate afterward. I saw a doctor and receiving PEP course 3-4 hours after the exposure. My questions are

1. What are the risk of me getting infected?

2. Would there be any effect from my first PEP medication 3 months ago to my current medication? Would it reduce the effectiveness of the current medication.

3. I am on 300 mg of lamivudine (1 time before bed) 600 mg of efavirenz (1 time before bed) and 300 mg tenofovir (1 time before bed), How effective this for PEP? I am not sure coz I went for an emergency ward which may not have expert on HIV infection. Also I read the label it said for PEP purpouse lamivudine should be used as 150 mg twice daily. Am I right?

Thank you very much

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Forgot to tell, I was tested negative before giving current medication
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Same as when you took PEP the first time.
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1. Your risk is relatively low. Dr. HHH has said that the prevalence of HIV in sex workers in Thailand is now less than 5% and that the risk of transmission from a single encounter is 1 in 2000, IF the partner is infected. When you do the math that comes to 1 in 40,000.

2. I can't answer that, sorry. That's a good question for your doctor.

3. Again, that question falls in medical territory that is not appropriate for this forum, sorry.

I recommend that you find an HIV specialist there (?), tell them your situation, and work with them on your PEP treatment and testing thereafter.

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nPEP is taken for 28 days and the conclusive test for a person that has been on nPEP is 3 months AFTER their last dose of nPEP medication.
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"Same as when you took PEP the first time"

Is this mean that the effectiveness of my second PEP should not be affected by the fact that I have alsready had one PEP?


What do you mean by "Single encounter" is this medically termed for one intercourse or just one penetration?
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No. You took it for 28 days and I take it everyday.
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