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Second time - please help. Vaginal fluid wiped in mouth

Hi, my question relates to hiv and possible exposure. I was at a strip club and a stripper wiped vaginal fluid in my mouth and caught me off guard. I merely wiped it my mouth with my sleeve and didn’t think anything of it until 5 weeks later developed neuropathy symptoms and at 7 weeks my arm lymph nodes felt tender and still do to this day 6 months later.
My wife has also had several recurrent mouth ulcer and recently has lymph node swelling in her neck.  I’ve started checking symptoms and everything points to HIV.
Most forums say oral sex is low risk but there is nothing detailing something physically by hand putting vaginal fluid in one’s mouth and the risk associated with that.
What is the risk here and if very little what could these symptoms be.
I’m freaking out as we have two kids and I was minding my own business on a bachelor party and this happens.. I’m so devastated!
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I answered your question already. The answer hasn't changed. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-HIV-exposure/show/3045093
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