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Seeing Signs

okay, time for my second "rant" in as many days.

Another thing i noticed about us worried wells is that we are suddenly seeing "signs" everywhere that are supposedly too "coincidental" to ignore.  These "signs" are such that they fuel our fears and "confirm" our being infected.

Bigdummy was just talking about a ringback message he heard on a phone.

I myself have a similar "scare".  i was reading this philippine comic "beerkada" (barkada means a group of buddies, so beerkada is a word the cartoonist created to denote a group of drinking buddies).  The engineering student character is visited by a ghost of this scientist who claims "The electron is positive."  Of course, this is supposed to refer to the electron's charge, but the insane cartoonist made a whole fairy tale about how this giant electron eventually did drugs and became a sex worker and was found by the scientist sick on the street.  The scientist brought him to hospital where they tested for HIV and "my worst fears were realized.  The electron is positive."

And i got NIGHTMARES after reading that comic.  i was also sooo sure that... "oh boy this is a sign..." and this despite my exposure being PROTECTED.

Is this true for other worried wells? Every reference to HIV, every reference to the words "positive" and such is interpreted to be referring to US. YOU. ME.

So everytime you ask "are you sure" and you get the answer "I'm positive" we freak out?

Sounds silly, yes, but this emphasizes the need for COUNSELLING.  I will say it again.  GET HELP.
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oh and to all worried wells: DO NOT WATCH THE SOUTH PARK EPISODE "Jarred Has Aides"
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