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Semen on glass

Hello Team
Today i had been to a KTV club with couple of acquaintances.the club has girls where they with you drink and you can have foreplay and they give you handjob. Now my friends had girls give them handjobs but i did nit engage anybody.however my query is one of the girls who gave a handjob to my friend used the same hand to fill up our glasses.
1. If she had the body fluid on her hands when she filled the glasses and i drink from the same is there any chance of transmission.
2. I also think non sexual activities like shaking hands, and hug and kiss on the cheek should pose no issue as well.
Thank You in advance for the response
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hiv is instantly dead in air and also in saliva so the worst that could happen is dead virus rubbed against your lips or body. Obviously that which is dead cannot live again so that was a non-event otherwise we would all have hiv by now just from touching bleeding people and objects that have hiv virus on them.
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