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Semen on hand and finguring anal

On 12 the sep. 2022 Met one guy in theater had a nude body play and mutual masterbation. Also i fingered him for 5 sec. Suddenly  he ejaculated on my hand a lot. I couldnt wash my hand for 15 min as there was no water. Since 2 week had a bad cold, unusal eye stye infection which is not getting healed. Also body pain. Can anyone tell me large amount of ejaculation on hand and short finguring has aquired hiv? I am stressed not able to go for hiv test. No visible cut on hand. But some micro tears. The guy also had such sessions with others before me.
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What you describe is of no risk for HIV. HIV is spread in very specific ways that include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles to inject drugs. Those are the only risks. Touching, fingering hand jobs, mutual masturbation, someone's semen on your hand are all NOT risks. That is simply not how HIV transmits. Air is present. Air renders the virus inactive. Whatever symptoms you think you are having are UNrelated to HIV. No risk
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Thanks GuitarRox for your time and comment.
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