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Semen to open wound exposure


Very nervous about an exposure I had and looking for some piece of mind.
About 12 days ago I had what could possibly have been an exposure to HIV. I am a male who was the receptive partner of oral sex from another male who claimed to be HIV negative but one never knows how honest someone is. I'm not 100% sure how it happened but during him giving me oral sex I felt a pinch. I didn't really think much of it. Moments later I was masturbating, my hand had come into contact with his penis as I had been performing oral on him prior. After a moment of doing so I saw blood and realized that he must have ripped the skin open on the back of my penis about a quarter inch below my frenulum. It was a smallish cut but it was bleeding (maybe bleeding more than it would have normally because it was located on an erect penis full of blood). Anyways I totally freaked out because the hand that I had used to stimulate his penis just minutes before that had now come into contact with the cut on my penis. And also my penis was in his mouth while it was bleeding.

From what I've read HIV transmission does not occur outside of the body... But I thought that because the cut was so fresh that it may have made a difference? I'm going to see my doctor and be tested as soon as possible just to be sure but in the meantime should I be losing sleep over this?
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You're right about transmission. Outside the confines of two bodies, HIV is rendered unable to infect once it leaves its host.
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So just to clarify was this a no risk situation?
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Thanks you have really put my mind at ease.
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Getting tested tomorrow at just under 5 weeks post this situation. I have been really good (without anxiety up until this point) but now that it comes down to test time my mind keeps going back to the fact that my bleeding penis was in his mouth.

8 days after this situation I was super nauseous, vomited, had diarrhea and elevated body temperature (99.7) for about 24-48 hours. I think it might have been a questionable fish taco I ate but I can't be sure.
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