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Serious Question, Serious risk, Serious symptoms.

I need an understanding of what to do next.

I got very ill one and a half weeks after having unprotected anal sex with a guy who took the condom off and porked his whole load up my woozy.  I can't get a hold of him either.

I came down with a serious flu which included migratory joint pain, chills, profound fatigue, enlarged liver and spleen, photophobia, loss of appetite, basically all of the symptoms suggested by the cdc.

I never recovered.  The acute phase subsided but now I feel like I have permanent migraines, a purple blotch under my eye, a lump in my eye lid, full body nerve/neurological symptoms, runs. BASICALLY every symptom that cdc suggests about advanced HIV desease.

I tested negative at 4 months with Elisa, Eia, Pcr DNA, RNA VL and a couple of other tests.  cbc is normal.  

I also have symptoms of Stjorgens syndrome which is an autoimmune desease. It hasn't been diagnosed but I did a multiple symptom checker on wrongdiagnosis.com and that's the condition that resulted.  I read that it can cause pcr and dna tests to be bogus.  

I feel so ill and no doctor is giving me a diagnosis,  Could HIV be a possibility at this point?
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****ould HIV be a possibility at this point? ****

No way.  Your tests conclusively tell you you are NEG.  Whatever is ailing you is NOT HIV.

I hope you practice safe sex now....cuz you got lucky, but may not always be as lucky if you continue that kind of behvaior!

Move on....you do not have HIV.

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