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Seroconversion happens within 1-3 weeks or 2-4 if really ars syndrome?

Reading to so many websites even in the most reputable ones., you can find confusing info.
I personally trust poz.com who say 2-4 weeks . i-base says 1-3 weeks .. some other tell 10-14 days .. thats why in poz forums is said median antibodies are discoveable 22 days after 17-25 days.. so really if you count starting ARS at the 10 days earlier.. so at 17-19 days you will have antibodies.
I can imagine as Jim says to a miss in the forum that outdated sites out there confuse all of us even the most sane.

So final question is.
- 1-3 weeks (10-20 days some say)  or 2-4 weeks ? Really

Also can anyone find some ARS related symptoms.. some say joint pains and diarrheas for example .. and other reputable..lets say thebody.com they say that those symptoms are related to stage 3 AIDS and not ARS stage 1 of HIV. Also here in medhelp its said too many times that tonsillitis is NOWAY related to acute hiv ... but in poz CaveyUK says  " they are the same as VERY COMMON regular ailments (including tonsillitis)" ... and poz for me is of the best sites related to hiv.

-Are diarrhea & tonsillitis related or appear as symptoms of acute hiv or ARS seroconversion?
-- 1-3 weeks (10-20 days some say)  or 2-4 weeks ? Really
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What was your risk that has you concerned about ARS and seroconversion?
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Receiving anal from an unknown man met in a gay bar... he ajaculated..he withdrew..he touched his semen and put his hands to my mouth that i have gingivitis and then WITHOUT CLEANING HAND..SO CUM IN HIS HANDS ..WORE ANOTHER CONDOM and i received anal for half hour more. Even protected..in theory sice condom... some semen touched outer condom which came inside me .. and day 8.5 having exudative tonsilitis    ((DRTANANDPARTNERS..SAY EXUDATIVE TONSILLITIS IS OFTEN DESCRIBED AS A PRIMARY SYMPTOM..HOWEVER IN ************ TELL THAT IS NOT ALSO HERE))     with some pus dots with no fever..only SOME MUSCLE PAINS..but generally feeling well...work normally etc .. tonsiliitis lasted for 3 days.. now on day 12
You didn't have a risk for HIV.  You aren't experiencing seroconversion or ARS.

The only sexual risk for HIV is having unprotected penetration.  Fluids, once outside of the body, aren't infectious.  It doesn't matter if cum on his hands touched your mouth, even with gingivitis.  It doesn't matter that some semen touched the condom.  People don't get infected this way.

Any symptoms you're having aren't related to HIV since you were never at risk.
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OK I understand your point of view.. that infection happens inside the body.. ok .. So why inside the needles in the blood since it comes in contact with air..hiv remains capable for infection ? And even more for days even 2 weeks i know.

Anyway, just for the peace of mind to futurous readers can we please answer the 2 questions?
-Are diarrhea & tonsillitis related or appear as symptoms of acute hiv or ARS seroconversion?
-- 1-3 weeks (10-20 days some say)  or 2-4 weeks ? Really

I am already very grateful to you..But can we improve more the answer please by answering to specific those 2 questions?
Thanks in advance
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A needle with a syringe attached keeps the blood in a vacuum.  It isn't exposed to the environment/air, so it remains infectious.

Those could be symptoms of ARS, but not likely without other symptoms, and are also symptoms of simple bacterial infections FAR, FAR more often than they are ARS.  
People seroconvert at slightly different rates, but one week is really way too early.  It doesn't matter all that much as the most accurate tests on the market shouldn't be taken until 4 weeks post-exposure.  The RNA test, which shouldn't be taken unless there was a high-risk event with a known HIV+ individual, can detect the virus at 10 days post-exposure, so anyone claiming seroconversion prior to 10 days is stretching it.

This will be my final comment since you didn't have any risk for HIV.
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Thanks for your comprehnsive response.
OK , I accept it..really
But here i would like to make a discussion, for informative reasons only.
Ok in the syringes is vacuum..
But in case of semen..
Millions of people collide with others with open cuts and shake hands etc, and no one gets infected because it is fragile outside the body. In 40 years of HIV history no one got it from these encounters or yours etc, so likely no one will in the next 40 of your life either.
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