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Seroconversion rash and testing timeframe

Hello All,

About 3 weeks ago I had unprotected oral/protected vaginal intercourse.
It was very brief and my partner did not ejaculate, I’m very sure the condom did not break/slip and I’m sure he didn’t “stealth” (remove the condom) me during intercourse but I’m extremely worried.

19 days after our intercourse a rash began to form on my arms/back of my hand, within 3 days it was across both arms, my right shoulder and across my entire chest essentially.
The rash was not severely itchy but it would itch here and there, it did look to be maculopapular/like hives. After 3 days of unresponsiveness to Claritin, I was prescribed prednisone for 2 days by a doctor which I took and the rash subsided.

I had a rapid test completed on the 2nd day of prednisone (24 days past intercourse) but know this may not be a reliable indicator).

No other symptoms came with the rash but  l can’t help but shake the feeling the condom may have been faulty and this may have been a seroconversion rash since no reason was identified by the doctor who prescribed the prednisone to me.

Do these characteristics sound similar to that of the ars rash?
Would taking prednisone (40mg dosage daily) affect my test)?

I will be taking a 4th gen test at 6 weeks past intercourse but still wanted to check in for insight. Please help clarify some of my concerns here.
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You really do not need to be worried. You had condom protected sex, right?  That is going to keep you safe from getting HIV so keep using those.  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex.  You do not have an ars rash!  You did not have a risk with condom usage for sex.  HIV, for your knowledge, is never diagnosed by symptoms because those symptoms can have a variety of causes.  Therefore, only a test is used to diagnose HIV.  I am sure I can't talk you out of testing but you will be negative, I am sure of it.  
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"I had unprotected oral/protected vaginal intercourse"

Oral sex with or with out protection is not a risk.

Condoms are sufficient to protect you against viral transmission.

Quit reading about HIV on the internet, that will help you to stop imagining symptoms & see a therapist to seek help with your anxiety.

You are fine. You do not need to test.
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