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Severe tonsillitis plus syphilis. Negative card test at six weeks. How reliable?

I had receptive and insertive oral sex on the 24th of August 2021 with no ejaculation. However, I had bleeding gums. I developed a sore throat and swollen glands (no fever or rash) on the 6th of September, and it’s only become worse since then. I’ve already taken two courses of antibiotics but the tonsils have been growing and so have the cervical lymph nodes. I tested positive on VDRL (syphilis) but negative on HIV card test today (almost six weeks). How likely am I HIV positive?
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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV as no one actually gets it that way. Not in all of these years of HIV being followed by HIV experts.  There hasn't been a single documented, proven case. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. Your result that was negative today is conclusive and expected to have been negative based on no risk.  The only risks for HIV are to have had unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles.  
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Thank you. I’ll seek the help I need for syphilis and move on.
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Thank you. I’ve read this post several times. However, this time, the positive syphilis test makes me doubt. I did a combo test today (exactly six weeks) and it’s negative. However, the TPHA results aren’t out yet. Can an active syphilitic infection influence HIV results?
Nothing including syphilis can make dead hiv virus come to life. Reread the advice.
Thank you. I appreciate and I’m grateful for all the answers this forum provides.

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