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Sex with 2 guys in the same evening

Im embarrased to talk about what happenned last night. Im a gay guy. Last night i hooked up with 2 other guys. Each 1 hour apart. I bottomed. They had condom on. But they rubbed it on my butcheeks without condom and one of them tried to penetrate unsuccessfully wituout a condom before penetrating with condom. I gave both of them oral sex on penis and they gave back to me. They as well gave anus oral. Both fingered me deeply. And i had deep kissed both. I was drunk. But not enough to forget what happenned.
Im sure there was condom.
What is my risk of getting hiv from what happened yesterday knowing i do not know any of them nor their health status.
Please be kind to help. Thank you
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In order for there to be any risk for HIV, penetration must occur.  Since you state it didn't without condom, this is not a risk. Fingering will not transmit the virus nor will anus oral.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus. The only risks are unprotected vaginal or anal sex WITH penetration or sharing IV drug needles. Transmission will only take place inside the body.  Therefore, you are not describing a risk and can rest easy.  No reason to even test.  
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Thank you.
But the risk get higher if i had 2 sex in the same eveneing with different guys?
Your welcome.  Use condoms exclusively for penetration and you will never need to worry about hiv.
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