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Sex with CSW - Vaginal Sex and French Kissing

One week back I had sex with a CSW three times during one night. I was a bit drunk but i am very conscious and a bit paranoid about HIV so I made sure I had condoms within reach.

I remember wearing condom each time before sex, and I do not recall anytime penetrating her without condom (else surely i would have freaked out). I remember carefully removing the condom on two occasions but cannot remember the third time. However at the end I was not at all concerned about unprotected sex so I am sure everything was protected. (Being anxious about HIV, if anything unprotected has happened I would have freaked out).

I also remember that I was unable to ejaculate that day and at the end was thinking that maybe because of the thick condom i was using. Again evidence that I used condoms throughout possibly. At the end of third time I was careful enough to wear my underwear in bed so as to avoid any risky 'accidents'.

Apart form this I was French kissing her frequently and that was my main concern in the morning, however over the course of day I am getting paranoid that since I do not remember all activities of night in sequence, I may have put myself at risk somehow.

My previous HIV test was negative and this is first potential risk since then. Am i at any risk here?
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It wasn't a risk last time you posted and it seems from Teak's response that you posted before that time too.  https://medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Episode-with-CSW-after-testing/show/2003227
The only risk you had was kissing someone that every guy in town kisses so you run the risk of a flu or sore throat, so you need to move on from this hiv fear. Maybe see a therapist to figure out whether you should stop seeing csw since you get so frightened each time.
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Thank you for your answer. Yes this was another event with different details. It's true that I do get frightened after any such episodes and probably should stop messing around when I can't stomach it. With my anxiety and paranoia for HIV I would have surely been aware of any risky activity. So i understand there was no risk of HIV from the above episode and can carry on with my life. Right? Your reassurance will help my anxious mind.

By the way I did develop a cold two days after this :)

I'll take your advise to see a therapist.
Cold symptoms usually start 2 or 3 days after a person has been exposed to the virus but people cough on your lips and door knobs so you will never know if she gave it to you.
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