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Sex with Multiple Partners with possible mouth sore

About a month and a half ago I had protected sex (male/male) and engaged in deep throat sex. About a week after I got a text from him saying he had Gonorrhea. I promptly went to the free clinic and got tested for HIV/STIs. I was positive for throat Gonorrhea and was treated the day I went in. About 3 weeks ago I engaged in safe sex with a different partner and Oral sex (for about 5 seconds before he was fully erect) at this time I may or may not have had a sore on my lip that could have been bleeding. About a week later I started feeling extreme fatigue at work and experienced symptoms of sore throat, slight headaches and now discomfort in my soft tissue in my hands. A couple of days ago I purchased an OralQuick test and it came out negative. I get tested every 3 months and participate in safe sex. I plan to head to the clinic this week and get a rapid test along with the more in-depth test for HIV and STI/STD test.

My question is, I have a problem with feeling like I could have HIV and this could be causing stress hence the hand pain. Is it very likely I have HIV? Can an HIV at a clinic tell me if I have HIV so early on if I have symptoms? Should the OralQuick have been able to tell me my status?
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Hi there,

Forget symptoms buddy, forget mouth sores - you had no risk.

You did no way contract HIV from the above description(s).

If you would like to test, only to put your own mind at rest further, do so at 28 days with a duo 4th generation test - I would not if I were you but it's good practice to get tested once a year anyway.

You will be fine :)
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Okay so it has been 4 weeks since my last encounter I have taken an OralQuick test. The test reads negative but I have developed a sore throat and I still have pain in my hands. I am receiving my blood work results this Tuesday. Should there be any worry that it could still be HIV?

My encounter was relatively low risk with my contacting my partner. He has gotten an HIV test last year and it was negative.
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Your test will be negative - no chance if anything else.

Was it a 4th generation test?

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