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Sex with Thai Prostitute

Hi all

I had protected sex with a thai prostitute a few days ago.

Some background:
This was in South Africa - she said that she doesn't always do this work and that she is going back to thailand. In my eyes, that almost certainly puts her at tremendously high risk. It was not very expensive, and was at a massage parlour

I had protected oral, followed by protected vaginal intercourse (in 2 positions). I didn't change condoms though.
At the end, I pulled out and I can't quite remember what happened.

I remember pulling off the condom quite easily - so I think it had slipped a few centimetres, and then masturbated myself immediately afterwards. I'm not circumcised, and am concerned some of her vaginal fluid contacted my foreskin. I don't think the condom broke; but I didn't examine it. I can't remember too well, but I do remember it seeming to be intact.

I'm also really concerned that she could have a rare strain of HIV

What are your thoughts?
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Hi, you had no risk for contracting hiv since the condom was used and fluids would not increase any risk.
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As long as the tip is covered theres no risk
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Do you know what happens with risk when penis is not 100% covered. Let's say if it is covered 2/3 and penis is not in full erection?
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The only issue with the condom if it broke and if it broke you would know it for sure as it would be up around your testicles!
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I'm not sure the condom was okay though.

I'm so terrified :( I'm having panic attacks and have had to take time off work
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