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Sex with an HIV positive person

I was dating a guy who confessed to me he was HIV positive after the first time we had sex. I freaked out and I am feeling anxious. We did use a condom and the ocd in me made me check it after and it didn't break, he also said he has been on treatment for 9 years and his viral load is very low and he is undetectable. He takes truvada he said. I got a test after 2 weeks after exposure and it was negative thank God. The counselor told me that the fact he is on treatment decreases chances of transmission by 96% and the use of a condom should make me feel at ease. I am a very anxious person and I am not promiscuous therefore I am worried and scared. He said I needed to test again in 3 months. Please help me! The condom we used is non latex since I am allergic but it wasn't sheep skin.
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You used a condom , so you do not need Hiv testing .
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You honestly have nothing to worry about. You used protection which is the important part to think about. You were at no risk, If you cant get this past you, You should get another test strictly to calm your anxieties and/or seek mental help from a psychiatrist.
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