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Sex with multiple partners

After an emotional breakdown ..Ex got married .I am a male and had a sex with 20 south african csw women from 1 November to the 30 december all protected no condom break.No leak as far as i could tell.Now that m sober n after therapy ....I tested hiv negative on 5 February.. anti-body negative...rapid test .......and negative for gonorhea, syphilis chalymadia and herprpes  Question 1.Do condoms work well for hiv despite my bad csw count. .Woried about my risk 2.How indicative is a 34 day negative result....I wil go again in 3mths for confirmatory test bt what are my odds at this time .Could my result change.
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Intercourse with a condom that does not break is no risk for HIV.  Having multiple no-risk events is still no risk.  Your result won't change since you didn't have a risk for HIV.
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